Posted May 8, 2014 05:15 pm

When a cup of coffee is what you need

If you like to read my weekly column, Rachel's Rumors, you're in luck. Here's a little preview of what's to come. In fact, here's a little extra just for you blog readers.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Kyle Tabor, who is opening Blue Sail Coffee on May 17 at 1028 Front St. He is young and enthusiastic, and he is like a scientist when it comes to coffee. He will talk to you about emulsions and solutions and how coffee molecules need just the right amount of tender loving care to taste their most delicious.

He made me a cup of coffee -- a white mocha, actually -- and it was very nearly divine. Not too sweet, not too acidic, not too bitter. It was super smooth, and exactly the right temperature. You know that perfect temperature where there's no fear of burning yourself, but it's also not yet approaching lukewarm? It's kind of like a kiss. Mmmm. Sorry. I seriously love coffee.

Kyle can also talk all day about coffee, it turns out. He's knowledgeable about where it comes from and how it grows and all sorts of little tidbits like that. He's got big plans for the future. Don't be surprised if this young entrepreneur turns out to be a certain big-name coffee company's next biggest rival.