Posted February 12, 2014 11:26 am - Updated February 12, 2014 11:33 am

'Best of' at The Cabin

Since my last day at the Log Cabin is quickly approaching, I thought it would be good to create a "Best of" list. The order of these is not just based off impact or importance. One factor of the list is how much I enjoyed the story, as you'll see with the first choice on my list.

I want to take one last chance to thank all the readers. I've enjoyed my time here at the Log Cabin Democrat.

So without further ado, here is my list.


1. Damien Echols' return to Arkansas — Return a 'welcoming experience,' Echols says

As someone who is captivated with everything that involves the West Memphis Three, this night was a definite treat, and a joy to cover.

2. Three inmates escape Faulkner County jail — Inmates escape from county jail, manhunt underway

I was at a friend's birthday party when I received word of the escape, and was forced to leave the party immediately — leaving my wife there. Whoops. 

3. High-profile court cases

In my 10 months here, I've had the privilege of covering some high-profile court hearings in Faulkner County. Some of the more intriguing cases have included Barry Strickland, Lee Foster and Jack Gillean. Here are a few of those stories.

•Prosecutors seek continuance in Gillean trial

•Strickland defense requests continuance of Dec. 16 hearing

•Capital murder trial date could be set at February hearing

4. Walmart shootingWalmart shooting suspect charged with attempted capital murder

This story developed quickly over the weekend, and was another intriguing one to follow.

5. The Christmas tree sagaChristmas tree removed from Rogers Plaza

I have to admit, this was probably my most-enjoyed series of stories in my time here. Anytime any of us wrote about the tree, we knew it would be read and knew it would incite reader responses.

6. Conway-Greenwood gameLast-second FG propels Greenwood past Conway, 23-21

The only football I game I've personally witnessed that was better than this was the Conway-Russellville playoff matchup from years ago, which ended on a Peyton Hillis two-point conversion. This year's Conway-Greenwood matchup was something to behold.

7. The Larry Billings caseAfter death, Billings' estate remains in limbo

Taking a look at the estate one year after the death of the owner of the Conway Roller Rink was interesting, confusing and complex all at the same time.

8. Bill Clinton in ArkansasToday's politicians should look to JFK's example, Clinton says

I love anything involving JFK, and being there to see a former president speak was just the thing to put it over the top.

9. Conway teen says 'God saved me' in hiking accident

Sharing the story of two friends like Ty Maple and Sam Roberts was a treat. Hearing them recount the frightening details of Sam's fall, and making sure my story did it justice was quite the challenge.

10. Conway teen's rendezvous with prostitute ends in armed robbery

You just don't get to write headlines like this everyday.

11. Arming administrators 

With the revelation of several mass shootings in recent years, including at Sandy Hook, schools were forced to look at security and Faulkner County was no different. This was what Faulkner County school administrators had to say in August.

•Arming administrators 'not necessary' for district, Conway superintendent says

•Faulkner County schools weigh options of arming administrators

•Sheriff: Arming administrators would involve intense training

12. I'm out!Man at laundromat clearly not the master of his domain

Anything that I can work a Seinfeld reference into has to make my "Best of" list.

13. 9/11 fire truck in Little RockFDNY rescue truck from 9/11 comes to LR

Being this close to something with such history from one of the darker days in America was humbling to say the least.

14. Calico Trailers in the Super BowlLocal trailer company featured in Super Bowl ad

This was a great story that I happened upon while scrolling through Facebook. Letting these people tell the story of their company, and tell how gratifying it was to end up on a Super Bowl ad was awesome.

15. The great Conway bandConway band pushes on after clean sweep at showcase

This group was a fun one. Covering many Conway football games, I was able to witness them in action many times, and they deserved every accolade they received this year.