Posted June 25, 2014 02:22 am - Updated June 26, 2014 10:40 am

Is there room in Conway for a Co-Operative Grocery Store?

I have had the privilege to live in other states and one thing I found while living in the Madison, Wisconsin was not only the ability to purchase alcohol on Sunday, and in grocery stores was the ability to shop at a co-op grocery store.

The particular store was called Willy Street Co-Op and it was marketed toward the vegan / organic consumers and the set for a internet web series. "Chad Vader" which was based on a what if idea where Darth Vader had a younger brother named Chad who was the night manager of a grocery store? Anyway, I am getting away from my point.

I was wondering if there could exist a possibility to launch a Co-Op grocery store in town. What could be purchased from such a store would be up to the co-op members but I am thinking such a store would deliver an option for those who would love to walk into a storefront and by local as opposed to what the larger chains offer.

Sure we already have a group that sells locally grown food, but wouldn't it be nice to have a place that would be opened Sunday thru Saturday from 8am to 9pm (or later) where Petit Jean Meats were offered at a reasonable price or the countless other local foods being produced right here in Arkansas.

Such a store could also offer community services built on the Saint Vincent De Paul's food pantry model that would give food away to those who meet predetermined financial poverty levels that would typically be thrown away by the larger chain stores before the food expired.

So, the question is who wants to open a co-operative grocery store that delivers and other services like food pantry for the needy? I think Arkansas could use one or more?