Posted June 5, 2014 09:42 pm - Updated June 6, 2014 12:09 pm

Beer store

S. Robson Walton (right). Yes that is one of the five bona-fide Shelby Daytona Coupes stuffed into the tire wall behind him. $4 million+ on four wheels. Turn five at Laguna Seca is fast, and doesn't forgive late-apexing. Point is, Rob Walton wants to sell you his beer in this county. And anyone whose hobbies include crashing Shelby Daytonas is probably going to get what they want — especially when what they want involves nothing more complicated than peddling beer. (in fairness, Rob Walton is an experienced and respected vintage race car driver and I'd love to have a beer with him and talk cars)

I heard from somebody tonight who moved to Conway because, for a couple good reasons, he didn't want to live with the temptation of the beer aisle in his local gas station or Wally'sWorld. That struck me as a very good argument.

Well, we both agreed, the days when the most potent juice at the Quickie Mark's is Red Bull look numbered. I'm putting my $40 on the signature drive succeeding and the November vote going "wet" because Bro. S. Robson Walton is behind it. 

Bro. Robson has more money than Santa Claus. He owns one of the 33 Ferrari 250 GTO racers, and the last time one of those gorgeous little bastards changed hands it was for $52 million dollars. He stuffed a Shelby Daytona into the turn 5 tire wall at Laguna Seca a couple years ago just for the experience of it.* He has binders full of millionaires. Yes he does put his pants on different than you, and no, you couldn't afford to do it his way. Not even for a second.

If Bro. Robson wants a winged unicorn, he'll have one in his choice of upholstery. Right now Wally'sWorld says without shame they want to be the leading beer peddler on this or any other planet. A bet against him effecting his will on us dumb hayseeds is a foolish one.

Right now there's a profitable item that he wants to sell and can't, and that's a problem he can throw all the money in the world at.

After all, if Bro. Sam Walton thought that $7.50 was riding out of his store in the pocket of some hooplehead that wanted to spend it but couldn't, he'd have killed somebody. 




* After bending his Daytona Coupé at the 2012 Monterrey Historics, Walton won his next race in his Ferrari 250 SWB coupé.