Posted May 1, 2014 10:02 pm

Farewell to Sister Spradlin

I'll start this one off by saying that Courtney Spradlin is a heckuva good journalist, and she'll just get better. 

Courtney and I have made a fine team on several projects, and we've become pretty good friends. We're going to miss her. 

I'll also take the opportunity to announce that I've decided to stick around this old newspaper for a little while — another year or so at the least if things work out like I think they might. I am from the hills of Arkansas, but I've been here a while and as far as allegiance to place goes, this is my town, and my county — you are my people, and I like telling your stories well. 

What we're losing with Courtney is a lot of the technical know-how of social media, which I'm starting to understand. But we've got some younger people in the newsroom that speak social media as a second language, and I've got great confidence in them as writers and journalists and, most importantly, members of this community. I've also got great confidence in my editor, Ricky, and my publisher, Zach. We'll make it work.

Expect good things from the LCD.