Posted February 18, 2014 03:39 pm - Updated February 18, 2014 03:54 pm

A former laptop

I guess I'm going to keep my laptop for sentimental value after it was pronounced dead by the Genius Bar people at the Apple Store. 

My faithful MacBook was a constant companion through three horrifying years of law school, seeing me through dozens of final exams and three massive research papers. It's funny how everyone in my class became attached to their laptops. I think it's because of how much we depended on them. If you had computer trouble during a final exam, the student handbook carefully explained that this was your fault and you started from the beginning of the exam with a legal pad and whatever time you had left on the clock. You could be doomed to fail out of a class or the entire program if your laptop let you down at the crucial moment — though merely an inaminate thing, the relationship between law student and laptop isn't unlike Kirk Douglas and his horse in Lonely are the Brave, and it was a little emotional to see it put out of its misery in so ignoble a setting as the Apple Store Genius Bar.

It never showed any sign of sickness. No viruses, no signs of slowing down... it went peacefully in its sleep and just wouldn't wake up one morning. I like to think that's how it would have wanted to go. 

I wasn't in a good mood when I called the Apple Store to set up an appointment. I'd been on hold for an age when a genius finally came on the line and said, after I told him what was happening, "Have you tried holding the power button down for a while?"

"I'll try to hold you down for a while you hipster ############...," I thought.

I knew exactly what would happen when I took it in. I'd wait for another age for the genius to come back out and say, "Gosh, Mister, it looks like the most expensive parts all broke at once. Good news is, we can fix it for about 10% more than a new one costs."

And in fact that is what happened. I was able to get the Good Student Discount on a new one because I lucked out and a salesperson was an old friend, but that's hardly a silver lining on a big, unexpected loss.