Posted February 17, 2014 12:39 pm - Updated February 21, 2014 08:34 am

15 year old shot to death for egging a car in LR

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KTHV and others reporting a young lady, 15, shot over the weekend as she and friends were egging another young man's car -- apparently a back-and-forth among friends after the young man had egged back in Haloween. 

The young man's father, 48, opened fire on the car in which the young lady was riding, killing her. 

And yeah yeah "guns kill people" and all, but really, it's at the point where guns for all means stupid people have guns, and now we have a dead 15 year old. 

 UPDATE: Feb. 19. 

CBS is reporting the shooter, Willie Noble, "was just trying to scare" when he shot the young lady in the head, quoting the police report. "He saw his car was vandalized and waited for the teens," also quoted

So, in this case we have a pesumably responsible gun owner ('Murica) shooting at nothing, and missing -- instead putting a bullet through the skull of a 15 year old. 

At nothing.


Nothing. He missed nothing. 

Again, stupid people have guns, this due to overly-lax gun control.  


Here it is Friday after first posting this on Monday. Since Monday over 100 comments. 

What's striking is the "protect our guns" crowd is not appalled at a 15 year old getting shot for egging a car -- or at the least apparently having greater interest in tangental issues. I mean, yeah, politics Internets blah blah, but a 15 year old unarmed girl is dead and a significant response metric is fear of gun restrictions. 

15 years old

Which begs an interesting point: Guns good because (something) safety (something) rights (something) founding fathers. Got it. But this is so important, so dear, that any humanity is lost in the interest of justifying those rights.

Which is to say for the protection of humanity, humanity is rejected. I find that odd.