Posted August 19, 2014 12:49 pm

School days

Monday, it seemed like every other post on Facebook was a picture of some youngster on the first day of school.

It's one of the benefits of modern technology, particularly for far-off relatives.

That didn't happen in my school days. There was no digital. School would be well rolling along before the film could be developed.

But the first day of school was always exciting.

I remember when the coolest technological advancement was notebooks with pencil pockets and nooks and crannies that would combine a clipboard in which you could also enclose wirebound notebook paper. It was the precursor to the modern padfolio. And it closed with a magnet.

There were no specialty super stores to buy supplies. You lined up to buy them at the school bookstore, which was basically an old classroom with shelves with a counter in the doorway.

School supplies were basic: pencil, paper, notbook, folder, eraser. Now, school lists include disintfectant, wipes and tissue. The most technical things you could buy were a compass (for drawing circles) and a protractor.

But nothing beat the excitement of a new pencil and a Big Chief Tablet (which is now probably politically incorrect.