Posted August 1, 2014 12:32 pm

Handshakes and hygeine

For centuries, a good, firm handshake has sealed many a deal.

Apparently, it has also spread many a germ.

Maybe, it's time to subject agreements to the fist.

According to scientific research that was  recently published in the American Journal for Disease Control, a fist bump is 20 times more hygenic that a handshake and 10 times better than high-fives.

The reasoning is there is more contact area on the hand for germs to spread.

The most hygenic is the recently popular "bow-bow," the bumping of elbows.

So in the world of microbiology, the timeless sign of agreement and congeniality might actually be hand-to-hand combat among various germs.

Will there come a day in which surgical gloves will be part of regular business attire?