Posted June 21, 2014 12:51 am - Updated June 21, 2014 12:55 am

Vacation on the beach musings, Part IV: Publix and alcohol

The best grocery chain I've encountered — for service, organization and food quality is Publix.

Since most resort contracts begin on Saturday, a Saturday night at Publix in Destin is like a visit to Disney World or Universal Studios. It's hopping, aisles are crowded and you have to get in a queue that stretches around two aisles to check out. But an employee organizes and monitors the queue and gets shoppers checked out in efficient fashion without unfinished shoppers going across and confusing checkout lines.

During one visit, as I saw a shopper and two clerks laughing in front of me, this really happened.

A college-aged girl, wearing a sorority T-shirt, and her friend had gone up to the clerk asked where was the alcohol.

"Beer?" said the clerk.

"No, alcohol," she said.

The friend was directed to a section of the store but soon phoned to girl on her cell phone, who told the clerk they couldn't find what they needed.

"There's a liquor store next door," the clerk said.

The shopper and her friend started to laugh.

Turns out they were seeking rubblng alcohol.

"Long shift," said the clerk. "But I've a story to tell."

Everyone left in ... well ... in good spirits.