Posted May 1, 2014 11:38 am - Updated May 1, 2014 11:39 am

Speed Up!

While traveling on I-40 toward Little Rock near Mayflower on Wednesday, I saw a message on a digital sign I have  never seen before:

"Minimum speed 45 miles per hour."

I couldn't obey. I was stopped in the gridlock of the volume of traffic. Traffic going into Conway was stop-and-start almost to the 430 interchange. The nearby sign clocking the speed was blank and irrelevant. No one near me had any measurable speed.

Officials are trying to keep traffic moving through the area that shows enormous damage from Sunday's tornado. For a few days, it has become one of the leading tourist attractions in the state. Law enforcement officials are trying to minimize the rubbernecking and gawking.

I must admit, it's a temptatiion not to rubberneck and gawk with a first-hand look at the devastation — metal entangled with other metal, vehicles twisted and overturned, debris in trees, no trees in places there used to be trees.

So, if you're zipping down the interstate in either direction, slow down before you are instructed to speed up. And speed up when you can.

It's a challenge.