Posted March 31, 2014 11:46 am

Out of the ESPN blue

Jeff Long, Arkansas athletic director, did it again.

Nobody I know, even those well-connected with the UA program, saw this coming. The typical reaction to the news was "What? You are kidding?"

ESPN commentator Jimmy Dykes is the new Razorback women's basketball coach.

He hasn't coached in more than two decades.

The immediate question from many was whether Dykes would follow the path of other "celebrity coaching hires" in Arkansas such as Corliss Williamson at UCA and Sidney Moncrief at Arkansas, beloved legends who crashed and burned as college coaches.

We do know this. Dykes, as connected as anyone in the college game, knows his basketball and can talk about it with detail and passion. The Razorback program, with a decaying fan base, needed a person with energy who could sell it both to the public and potential recruits. Dykes cares about the program and women's basketball.

Also, Long, with another leakless hire, ought to work for the CIA.