Posted March 12, 2014 03:12 pm - Updated March 12, 2014 03:14 pm

www@25 years

The World Wide Web (aka www) is 25 years old.

Unbelievable how that has changed our lives in a quarter of a century. Can we live without it now?

Let's clear up one bit of confusion. The internet and www are not the same thing.

The internet is basically a random and/or loosely linked system of computers. The World Wide Web connects all of them, just as highways, byways and rivers connect cities and towns. Just like with the highways, apps have grown along  the cyberways, just like shopping centers, restaurants, gas stations and the like have developed alongside the cities and communities.

The world has indeed gotten smaller. People and organizations who not otherwise would have been connected are connected. It's like the early explorers discovering new worlds.

And the vocabulary that has been created: cyberspace, links, apps, website, etc.

"Google it" has replaced looking it up in an encyclopedia, which have pretty much become obsolete.

I saw something else interesting in a TV report.

A reporter showed some young kids a book and asked what it was. No one could identify it.

It was a phone book.

"Why do I need a  book?" one youngsger asked. "I just use my phone."

How ironic. The smart phone has made the phone book almost obsolete.