Posted March 1, 2014 06:13 pm - Updated March 1, 2014 06:15 pm

Sickening, just sickening

I'm saddened by any negative development nowadays in the crazy world of print media.

I'm especially sad today because two of my friends and very respected colleagues in this business, Harry King and Dennis Byrd (among others), were laid off Friday by Stephens Media.

I've known both for decades. I've ridden with Harry and/or Dennis many times on trips to Fayetteville for games or media days. Along the way, we've had many interesting conversations, debates and discussions on sports, culture, media and life in general. We've listened to a lot of music and a lot of radio broadcasts of ballgames. Those were always fulfilling and fun times.

Harry King is a fellow member in the Arkansas Sportscasters and Sports Writers Hall of Fame.

It's a changing world where some media companies don't always get it right while looking at the bottom line. It's unfortunate folks are looking at journalism as a business and not the business of journalism.

Harry and Dennis were not only good writers and reporters, outstanding editors and first-class journalists (always looking to improve) but they are good people.

If this means retirement, they will be missed by so many of us.