Posted January 10, 2014 01:05 pm - Updated January 10, 2014 01:07 pm

Rodman relations

There is not a looser cannon on the international stage than Dennis Rodman, the former loose cannon pro basketball player who has injected himself on the international stage again.

During an all-star basketball exhibition in North Korea, in honor of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Rodman called him "his best friend" and sang "Happy Birthday" to the Korean leader. He also classified the kidnapping and imprisonment of Kenneth Brae as the American missionary's fault.

Rodman has admitted to being drunk (ya' think) when he made some of his remarks and has formally apologized.

But consider: At least from the perspective of this country, he has every right to speak for Dennis Rodman. He has no right to speak for America and to represent America and go off in a rant in an inebriated state in North Korea or anywhere else.

North Korea is one of the cruelest and most oppressive regimes on the planet. There is a reason for its isolation. For example, Jong, who seems to like American celebrities who coddle to him, had his uncle executed, the guy who was once his mentor.

Who has a crazier mindset? Rodman or the North Korean leader?

Now, Rodman doesn't have nuclear weapons and hasn't killed anybody. He's just an egotistical weirdo who likes to "bomb" the international spotlight.

I'd rather he just stick to basketball. On statesmanship, he's already fouled out.