Posted January 5, 2014 09:46 pm

Texas Strong

There are now more University of Texas fans (at least partially or silently) in Conway as ever before.

Former UCA defensive back Charlie Strong is the head football coach at the University of Texas.

Strong, a longtime well-respected defensive coordinator, waited several years to become a head coach until Louisville gave him a chance to prove himself. Now, he is guiding one of the icon programs in the country.

It's a good choice for UT. Strong is known as a great recruiter and should blend nicely his network of connections in Florida to Texas.

I'll elaborate on this in a future column.

For now, two observations:

1. He's the second native Arkansan (Fred Akers was the other) to head the Longhorn football program.

2. Two major sports at Texas are now headed by individuals who cut their teeth in athletics and/or coaching in Faulkner County. The other is Karen Aston, the UT women's basketball coach who led Vilonia to a state championship early in her coaching career.

The eyes of Texas have paid attention to Arkansas roots.