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A tweeting ball

For amusement on New Year's Eve, I began following the Times Square Ball on Twitter.

And there were posts all day long.

Here are some of the Tweets from atop Times Square as the day progressed:

"We need you to rehearse." 'Seriously, 100+ years, I got this. I'm watching "The View.'

"Just destroyed a 143-egg omlette. Always eat a good breakfast, people."

"Is it midnight yet? #vacation"

"Time for a nap"

"That coat doesn't work on you, lady"

"I could go for some Fetuccini Alfredo"

"Anyone have a huge ski mask thing?"

"Great. Here come the pigeons. Always thinking they are entitled to the best spot""Enough with the fireworks already. Trying to chill out for a bit."

It was just a ball. Happy 2014!

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