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Danger zone

They are scary anyway but particularly during the Christmas shopping season and postseason.

Parking lots.

They are often more dangerous than interstates.

You have vehicles jockeying for spots. Vehicles backing up with the driver not looking fully. Vehicles next to yours that block your vision. Vehicles shooting the opposite way the arrow is pointing. You have drivers talking on smart phones, which is pretty much as dangerous as on the roads.

Then, you have  pedestrians shooting from all angles, some running, some walking, many not paying attention. You have pedestrians talking on smart phones, which is almost as hazardous as driving.

Then, there are the runaway shopping carts.

A lot of things can happen to you on parking lots, many of them bad.

Someone could make a video game out of it. Call it "Collision Course?"

If recent days aren't hassle enough, this can drive you crazy.


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