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Warning: What not to buy

With the shopping days until Christmas dwindling of if you're a guy who likes to wait until the last minute for gifts to your significant other, beware.

According to various surveys, here a a few things a husband shouldn't buy his wife for Christmas:

A vacuum cleaner, crock pot or food processor — unless you're wanting a rake, garbage can or work gloves in return. Or, as one wife put it, don't give the vacuum cleaner if you'e not prepared to use it.

Tickets to an event you really want to go to.

In the same vein as above, lingerie. (There seems to be the usual Mars vs. Venus disagreement on coverage).

A diet book. (When she unwraps that, duck)

Nothing (Every male knows better than that. You'll hear about it for a lifetime and you're life expectancy might be lowered).

Happy shopping.

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