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The Ice Man cometh

I think all the speculation about this weekend's Ice-mageddon got really serious Wednesday when extreme weather guru Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel showed up in Dallas with an eye toward Little Rock and Memphis.

Unlike Santa Claus, your area doesn't want a visit from Jim Cantore because it usually means you are about to get hit hard with something devastating and newsworthy.

In making my rounds the last couple of days, I noticed that bread shelves were completely barren in grocery stores by Wednesday night and there was no ground beef, and very little meat of any kind, to be found at one I visited.

The stereotypical staples are milk, bread and eggs but with the possibility of ice and a potential loss of power in many places, the shopping list and "hit the shelves" early expanded.

Frozen pizzas were going fast as well as beverages significantly stronger than milk. Also going fast in grocery stores were deli meat, cheese, pot pies and other frozen dinners, pet food, cereal and toilet paper.

In those stores that sell hardware, searching for things like indoor heaters, propane and propane-generated devices, generators and gasoline cans was a futuile cause.

I remember several years when folks would flood Blockbuster for the latest movies or videos. No more Blockbuster. Now, it's Netflix and your personal stash of DVDs.

This appears almost exclusively to be ice in these parts, which is the worst-case scenario for most of us.

Ice is no respector of persons and you can't even create a good snowman. Icemen just don't work.

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