Posted April 17, 2013 05:16 pm - Updated April 17, 2013 05:18 pm

Pat: The Voice

I automatically pulled out a shirt from the closet Wednesday. I changed my mind and made an intentional switch.

I decided, to honor he late Pat Summerall, to change to a shirt representing the Pat Summerall Celebrity Classic.

As a member of the board of directors of the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame, I worked every year at check-in for the celebrity classic. Summerall gave the organization a tremendous boost when he willingly lent his name to the fundraiser, then showed up and played most every year.

When you serve at check-in at these type of events, you see just about every celebrity and every player who participates. It was amazing to me the outright reverance folks, from average guys to prominent businessmen to other celebrity athletes, treated Mr. Pat, as many called him.

I was impressed Summerall's humility. He was just a plain nice guy who loved to sit around and share stories, great stories.

The former Razorback was a state treasure even though he was a native Floridian. Many knew him as the Voice of the NFL, the Voice of the Madden games. Going further back in his career, he was the longtime Voice of Golf (particularly the soothing voice of the Masters). He was also the Voice of the U.S. Open.

Whatever Pat Summerall lent his voice to, it was wonderful. It'll be a nice one to welcome folks to heaven.

Upon news of Summerall's death, a friend pulled out an old Madden NFL video and played it again — just to hear his voice.

It's a perfect voice to have lingering in the memory.