Posted April 12, 2013 09:59 am - Updated April 12, 2013 10:10 am

Mom cares

 Guan Tianlang, the youngest golfer to ever qualify for the Masters who ate many big-name golfers' lunch in the first round, had his lunch packed by his mom.

His mother carried a tote bag, similar to those plastic lunchboxes that schoolkids carry every day. In it, according to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports, was juice, two energy bars, two bananas, a towel. She also insisisted Guan carry three umbrellas.

Just like any mother would do for a 14-year-old heading to school or camp.

Tianlang was not born when Tiger Woods won his first major. Thursday, as the spotlight was hovering about Sergio, Phil, Tiger and Lindsey, he grabbed it.

His first shot at The Masters went right down the middle. He completed the one- over round by holing putt from the fringe. Ben Crenshaw, a 61-year-old veteran who was his playing partner was awed, saying he played like a pro who had been out there 10 to 15 years.

His magical touch may not play out through the tournament. But he has served noticed about a new generation of golfers.

That new tiger cub could be something else.

Oh yeh, during non-golfing moments when the other pros are dining and socializing, he has to do homework.

Yea, Mom. I bet somewhere she had an extra pair of underwear handy.