Posted February 11, 2014 03:20 pm

Researching online dating

I always thought the hard part came after the first few dates, about when the relationship started. 

This isn't everyone's experience, especially those who are single after 25 and find their dating pool has become kiddie-sized.

There are tremendous hurdles to get through in order to find yourself seated and sharing a meal with someone who equally wants to watch you eat as you tolerate watching them.

Both parties have to be undisgusted by the other's dinner etiquette, attracted to the other's physical form and interested enough in what the other is saying to have conversation that flows evenly and without force, avoiding unwanted silence. 

For many, it's a lot of work to get to this point. They're looking for help and finding it online., eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, and Christian Mingle are the main sites I've talked to people about in researching. 

It sounds wild out there. 

As I'm hearing everyone's experiences, I'm imaging the online dating world as a football field sized arena of bumper cars.

Most are aimlessly bumbling around, hoping to bump into someone they like. 

The buzz of electricity overhead is the force of attraction. 

Some of the cars you'd want to bump into and get near, and others are overflowing with cats. 

A sporty red bumper car with a hot blonde driver zooms by, 60 cars on her tail. She has her pick of them all.

You can hear the drivers yelling at each other over the noise. 

"Are you pro life?!"

"What diseases run in your family?!"

"Do you have children?!"

"Do you like cats?!"

"How many cats are too many cats?!"

"Do you like my cats?!!"

If your relationship does get wheels and you leave the arena, that's when things seem to get even more complicated. 

For instance, potentially spending the rest of your time on Earth with someone and blending your life with theirs, right down to sharing a shower loofa, seems to have infinite complications.  

But we do it anyway, don't we.