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The year I caught up...

...on TV. Why? What did you do? Something meaningful?

For some reason I decided to watch TV this year and catch up on what everyone was talking about. Maybe it was because I got a screen bigger than 10 inches, maybe it was Netflix and HBOGo.

I didn't finish all of these but got an unhealthy start.

Top shows I watched this year, somewhat in order of "I'm kind of ashamed," to "I'm really ashamed."

    1. Game of Thrones - My favorite show, the "morally grey" Lord of the Rings is also called "[filtered word] and dragons," I'm afraid. 

But listen! There are seven epics tied into one, and you need a concordance for the books. That makes it better, right? It requires a concordance, like the Bi....bleā€¦.

    2. The Sopranos - Only five years late to the game, as usual. The absolute best time to eat spaghetti and drink red wine is while watching The Sopranos. I'm not usually a pasta fan, but this show made me crave it. 

Did nothing for my appetite for murder, though. 

    3. Orange is the New Black - Made it seem like prison is a lot less boring than I'd think. One thing's for sure, I'd rather be in a women's prison than the main character's relationship with Jason Biggs' character. They do cleanses together.

    4. Walking Dead - I was late, again. But I caught up alarmingly fast so that I could hang out with friends and watch a TV show! Just like everyone else! This show is such a show that there's a show about the show. It's called Talking Dead.

    5. Breaking bad - Antacids. Needless stress. Every once in a while I hear someone say they're watching Breaking Bad. I'm like, "Again?! For pleasure and leisure?!" I could not watch one episode again, except for maybe that whole Tuco Salamanca fiasco. That was cray. 

    6. Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter - This is a Swedish miniseries. Made me a better reporter, seriously. Not that ashamed.

    7. Dr. Who - If you know Dr. Who, you know.

    8. Sherlock Holmes - I didn't like it at first, but you know, Benedict Cumberbatch is the best and he has his hobbit friend, Martin Freeman, who did such a good job I was able to finally forget he was a hobbit. Not that ashamed.

    9. American Horror Story - I'm really ashamed. 

   10. Dexter - I'm really, really ashamed. 

   11. Hemlock Grove - Could not possibly be more ashamed.

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Courtney Spradlin
Courtney Spradlin 12/30/13 - 11:11 pm

I forgot

12. House of Cards - I thought Kevin Spacey was too obvious in this role, and then a coworker who interned in Washington explained that everything you see here in this show is eerily accurate. Which scares me.

Angela Spencer
Angela Spencer 12/31/13 - 09:54 am


I guess I should watch "The Sopranos" sometime. Now that I've unpacked my pasta roller, it seems like a good show to watch while cooking...

David 12/31/13 - 01:53 pm


No "Ducks?" You don't even know what "shame" is yet!

Courtney Spradlin
Courtney Spradlin 01/01/14 - 11:21 pm

I have never seen an episode!

I have never seen an episode! I did stop on one once but caught about ten minutes. I must have missed the good part.

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