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Top stories online at www.thecabin.net

At the end of December we look back at the year's stories and recall what the top news events were in Faulkner County.

We balance community impact with importance and some online analytics to come up with the list.

Summaries of 2013's top stories and events will be in the New Years Day edition of the Log Cabin Democrat and online a few hours before that.

For now, there's a different list when looking at analytics alone.

These are the top stories in 2013 based on popularity or web traffic at www.thecabin.net.

1. Sheriff confirms death of FCSO deputy - Read it again here. 

2. Inmates escape county jail, manhunt under way - Read it again here. 

3. CPD officer struck by vehicle - Read it again here. 

4. Local dentist charged with terroristic threatening - Read it again here.

5. HP eliminates 500 call center jobs in Conway - Read it again here. 

6. Religious visitors barred from school lunch visits - Read it again here.

7. Man arrested at Beaverfork for sexual misconduct - Read it again here. 

8. Conway mayor Townsell files for divorce - Read it again here. 

9. One confirmed dead in plane crash - Read it again here. 

10. Vilonia couple dies from multi-vehicle crash in Mississippi - Read it again here.

11. UCA student found dead in residence hall - Read it again here. 

12. Attorney General suing Lonnie's Meat Market - Read it again here. 

13. Conway teen killed in two-vehicle accident on Arkansas 286 - Read it again here. 

14. Leach pleads no contest to second-degree murder - Read it again here.

15. Multiple arrests in Conway prescription narcotics drug ring - Read it again here.

A few of these stories are on the real top stories list, and many are not for good reason.

Booked isn’t on the list because it isn’t a news story or even journalism, but it is the most looked at thing we do.

The list proves that crude journalism saying, "If it bleeds, it leads," and reinforces the notion that people have morbid curiosities.

A better way to accept this list would be to realize we look at these stories and identify with the people in them considering ourselves in the circumstance and consequence because we are also human. 

Stay tuned for the year’s review as we recall the most important and impactful stories in Faulkner County. 

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Lilly03 12/27/13 - 09:50 am

Why do you all post stories

Why do you all post stories on line and then not print them? I am wondering because I have noticed it several times this year and you all adimit it in the column above.
What does 'for good reason' mean? If it's good enough for online, why isn't it good enough for print?

Courtney Spradlin
Courtney Spradlin 12/27/13 - 10:10 am

Good questions

Throughout the day as a story develops we post different versions, as with breaking news.
The final story is usually more thorough and includes background and the final outcome.
That one also gets posted online, but it's the only version that gets to print.

We also might share a story that completely changes by the end of the day.

The ones that aren't going to be included in the list of the most important news events are our mayor's divorce and the one about the guy who was caught at Beaverfork in a sexual act.
Those ran in print, but they weren't the most important or impactful stories this year.

Courtney Spradlin
Courtney Spradlin 12/30/13 - 01:30 pm

What's with the thumbs down

What's with the thumbs down anyway?

Diogenes 12/27/13 - 10:17 am

Because the opposingly viewed majority

only reads it in print. Otherwise, there would be serious economic repercussions taken against the LCD by both it's advertisers as well as, it's readership.

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