Posted August 6, 2010 11:50 am - Updated August 6, 2010 01:06 pm

Worst radio show ever

This morning I was thinking about this news radio show I used to do at my college. Mostly about how horrible I was at it. I am permanently scarred from doing that show.

I felt confident in my speaking abilities up until that point. Some sort of confidence was lost and now I am kind of a bumbling idiot.

I got through the stories but some were so, so hard to read knowing my friends were listening. Plus, they would call the station and mess with me until I cracked on air.

My station manager was one of the coolest and most hilarious girls I've ever met. She has a daughter with a mullet. 

Stories that were the most difficult to read on air were about food. There's no way you can sound cool saying "cupcake, green beans, slaw, corn, roll, sausage...?"

We used to screw with each other through the station windows until we crashed. We also were in the bad habit of forgetting to turn our mics off when we went to commercial.

One time I threw her off - I can't remember how but the word 'intercom' was transposed with 'intercourse.' We lost it totally and couldn't even finish the show. Ok, maybe we did have the worst news radio spot in history.

We found out later that when that happened, our department head was listening and lost control of his car (out of sheer disbelief I guess?) He was in a ditch and we were rolling around laughing on the dirty radio station floor.