Posted June 29, 2010 07:45 pm - Updated June 29, 2010 07:46 pm

Morrilton Animal Shelter

I have been saved...thank you!

Just wanted to share this letter to the editor, this made me very happy...



On June 18, a group of strangers from various areas in Arkansas banded together for one purpose, rescue the dogs in the Morrilton City Pound. It was a response to the plea made by Monica Wilson, who spoke publicly on KTHV’s Channel 11 news regarding the staggering overpopulation of animals in the state of Arkansas that end up in Kill Shelters. The dogs in Morrilton’s pound were scheduled the following day to be euthanized after several days of lingering in the hot metal building.
I’m happy to report that approximately 13 dogs of the 19 were released to adopted homes. Sadly, two were lost to medical complications, and the others remain in foster care awaiting the love and affection that they deserve. The rescue was a rare event and most dogs that find themselves in the Morrilton City Pound aren’t so lucky.
Morrilton is the only town in Conway County to have a public facility for animal control. It is under budgeted and understaffed, yet expected to maintain order in a city that gets more than its fair share of animals being dumped by irresponsible owners, stray dogs and cats, and misplaced pets.
We are in an animal crisis people and now is not a time to point fingers, spend time on idle gossip, or argue about who’s responsible for creating such conditions; however, I believe it is a time for action: action to come together as a community and work together on positive changes in our public facility, develop strict policies which enforce pet owner responsibility, and reduce the number of unwanted animals by spaying and neutering pets.
For more information on how you can make a change in Morrilton’s animal overpopulation, you can join Friend of the Morrilton Animal Control on Facebook, or write 33 Dianna Lane, Plumerville, AR. 72127.

Danielle Maddox
Friends of the Morrilton Animal Control