Superior Truck Wash on Hwy 64 East

On Hwy. 64 East just a little west of Hwy 36 a company called Superior Truck Wash has set up business and are washing trucks and containers. BEWARE OF THIS BUSINESS if you are having your truck pressure washed. I know of a business owner that had his big rig washed there and the guy literally used the high pressure wash and ripped the fairly new stripes that were on his truck from one side to the other on the truck. One would think that common sense would tell you to stop and do something different when the pressure wash start ripping off pieces of the graphics. Oh no, not this individual. He proceeds to go all around the truck ripping pieces from the graphics. When confronted, the owner indicated he would do the right thing and pay for the damages. Well, it seems that the owner of Superior Truck Wash is not an individual with integrity and has had a change of heart. I guess I should say that he has alledgedly told the truck owner to go and ---- himself and that he's not paying for anything. We welcome new businesses to our area and I certainly hope they are able to earn an honest living but this kind of behavior is unacceptable. I can say that I will most assuredly understand when I drive toward Vilonia one day and see an empty field where this arrogant owner had his business set up. He may wake up one day and realize that he had a pretty good business going but blew it because he had no integrity.