Posted February 4, 2015 01:52 pm - Updated November 11, 2016 02:53 pm

Anniversary Announcements

To submit an anniversary announcement, copy and paste the form below in an email addressed to along with any photos to be included with the announcement, and fill in the fields as specified.
Please send photos in jpg. format. Maximum photo size is 2MB. For pictures larger than 2MB, email separately to

Please review the following guidelines below before sending an announcement:

Please ensure the correct spelling of names. Please specify if anyone is deceased or a stepparent.
Please use “Mr.,” “Ms.,” “Miss” and other courtesy titles where appropriate.
The Log Cabin Democrat does not publish names of wedding or reception directors, caterers, florists or photographers.
The Log Cabin Democrat reserves the right to edit all information provided.

For any questions about anniversary announcements, call (501) 505-1223.

Anniversary Announcements appear within the Style section. The first 150 words and 1 black and white photo will print for $40. Any words over the first 150 words will be printed for .65 cents per word. Additional photos are optional with a $10 fee per photo submitted. Color photos are optional with an additional $10 fee per photo.

Basic Contact Information:
Full Name:
Complete Mailing Address:
Preferred Phone:
Email address:

What are the couple's names?:

Where is the couple from?:

Please include any history about the couple to be shared: How they met, original wedding details aside from date, occupations current or previous, places resided in, etc.

Will there be a celebration?: Yes/No

If yes, where will the celebration take place?: Include location, time and special instructions if applicable

If yes, when will the celebration take place?: (Month/Day/Year)

Any Additional Information: (ex. Original wedding date, information about children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren, etc.)